Jelly and Kevin from Hong Kong knew very well what they want from pre wedding photoshoot. It really helps the photographer to understand the couple better and meet their needs if the couple shares what their envision, what they like and do not like, how they met and etc. Based on Jelly + Kevin's romantic love story and their personal preference for classics, art and luxury, the decision to choose Vienna as the main location was perfect.

 The necessary time of photoshoot is totally depends on how many locations the couple wants to visit. It took 3 days for photoshooting this gorgeous engagement story. Vienna's beautiful streets and sights, many illuminations, Christmas trees and markets, luxury Imperial Hotel with its piano, library and everything around in exclusive Vienna’s style have made this photoshoot with the artistry filling and wildly romantic.

Kevin and Jelly traveled many kilometers from home to dreaming place to visit. They wanted to save their walk to member with breathtaking view.  And they choose Hallstatt for this aim. Amazing Hallstatt with snowing mountings made the magic. 

Also there are other points need to be considered and arranged before photoshoot.  Appropriate to the photoshoot style 2 or more outfits is need to be prepared.  Jelly chose tremendous dresses and suits for Kevin that everything was gorgeous and stylish.  They match each other perfectly and their outfits emphasize the atmosphere and main emotion of photoshoot as well.  And of course, don’t forget to arrange makeup & hair artist to accomplish your look, as this couple did.

So, right people, right place, right time and good preparation means engagement photo perfection. This engagement is definitely one of my favorites! I was happy to capture this story.