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Wedding photography in Vienna - it’s all about couple and their true feelings. Each wedding story is very special, that's why need to be told in different way but equally professional and beautiful. Marriage photography in Vienna turns high emotions, sights and moments that matter into beautiful memory that would have unique value through the years. Sergio Mazurini Studio provides professional wedding photography and videography in Vienna, Austria, as well as all over the Europe and available worldwide.

«Art of exclusive wedding photography - I can call the thing I do, the thing I live in for many years. I create exceptional story to ensure that in the happiest day of couples’ life will be alive and touchable on my shots, by viewing which they could feel again those chills and emotions.»

Sergio Mazurini

Services of Wedding Photographer in Vienna

Couple photoshoot
Some days are more magical than others. You can preserve your perfect moments with your beloved and make a couple photoshoot to keep your story for ages.
Wedding photoshoot
Wedding shoot is always beyond something ordinary. It's perfect puzzle of love, emotions, traditions and people, and should be saved perfectly to become a treasure

Wedding Videography in Vienne

What we do

I gathered the best team of videographers in Vienna who share my values and vision and who are trully professionals. We understand what an incredible experience and responsibility is to share with couples one of the greatest days of their lives. That’s why we dedicate us more than 100%.

Wedding videography is a great chance to filming your Big Day exceptional that really will allow couple to experience their wedding all over again. It’s a perfect supplement for wedding photography to enlarge memories about your wedding story.


Why Choose Me

I live my work and striving for perfection to a new level with each my photo
Winning Awards
To be the best among the best means that my art is moving in right direction
Satisfied clients
TWedding is only a start of couple’s happy married life. Let it be beautiful
MyWed Award 2015: Finalist of the "Geometry"and "Ceremony" nominations
Wedding Photographers Society Official Member: 3 awards
World’s Top 10 Wedding Photographers 2017 photo Contest from One Eyeland
Fearless Awards: Collections 38, 43, 44 (art and beauty), 44 (real moments)
Wedding Photography Select Award: Collection 30


Femininity does not disappear anywhere

She is a successful and beautiful business lady. She is Maria Ivancho. Photographer Sergio Mazurini says: "This was one of my most interesting and important photoshoot during long time. I have been thinking a lot about how to show this wonderful woman. In this shooting I reveal the state of a woman deep in herself, as a beautiful creature who has a super power..."
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Everything You Need For Destination Engagement Photoshoot in Vienna

Today destination engagement photoshoots are more popular than ever. There are a lot of amazing places and sights in Vienna and nearby that will be great backgound in your love story. Awesome result of photoshooting is usually preceded by a diligent preparation. The presence of a professional photographer is only one component of success. And there are more. But first things first.
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Everlasting After Wedding Photoshoot of Elder Couple

Today it's hard to surprise anybody with a gorgeous wedding. But to meet and  photoshoot an old couple who is together for 50 years in marriage - it's not happening every day. And it’s not the same, when you see couple in age who is together for few years. It’s perfect sample of true beloved who shared together their whole life. Can you imagine this?
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Information About Wedding Photography in Vienna

>Wedding Photographer in Vienna - Sergio Mazurini

Wedding photography in Vienna, Austria – it’s always about someone’s special story in magnificent place. And this Vienna’s wedding story should be preserved in such beautiful way that amaze and will allow experiencing those emotions of Big Day again and again. Vienna marriage photography is so special because of its luxury gloss, ancient background and gorgeous sightseeing places. Many couples choose Vienna for destination wedding, pre wedding of after wedding photoshoot for good reasons. Sergio Mazurini is working in Vienna and all over the Europe for many years, and knows these reasons perfectly. There a lot of TOP places in Vienna where you can capture wedding portrait and receive the most beautiful photos ever.

Wedding is a new page in someone's life, and as usual, happens only once, that’s why it is so responsible for professional wedding photographer to share with someone their best day and to strive for excellence in the result, as Sergio Mazurini always does in order to reproduce deeply all the chills, emotions and the brightest moments of your holiday.

In spite of the wedding location of your choice, international award winning wedding photographer Sergio Mazurini will save your story remarkably that will have exceptional value through the years. Also you can fulfill your bridal photography with wedding film to enlarge your memories about your special day. Sergio gathered professional team out of top wedding videographers in Austria who documenting cherishing moments, glances and tears, atmosphere and people which is so estimable through the years. So, if you share this thoughts, let’s create together with Segio Mazurini Studio your personal story, of course, with the happy end.