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Wedding Blog by Sergio Mazurini it’s all about real stories, important issues, photoshoots that matter, everything about true and honest art of photography. Here you can find trends in photo shooting world for couples, tips, tricks and advises for photographers and brides, sum ups and results of art for heart which is out of standard format for any other webs. There so many topics and photos deserve to be shared with world. Here is space of art and it will be fulfilled with favorite results of work by Sergio Mazurini and his superhero team.

Top locations for perfect photoshooting in Vienna

One of the top location for the photoshooting in Europe is Austria. "Majestic, beautiful, multifaceted - this is exactly what can be said about Vienna, a city that seems to live in the rhythm of an eternal waltz. This is a city of "luxury", and the photos there are always aristocratic and classic. Walking through the streets of Vienna, stopping, taking pictures - it is also to feel the spirit of millennial history and culture, which influenced the whole of Europe, "- recalls Sergio Mazurini.
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The state of search drives the world and people.MasterClass by Sergio

This is a photographer whom nobody has ever called and will ever call a "template". This is a person who has something to share with a bright part of people. His workshops - is finding a way to upgrade yourself and motivate those who seeking to become professionals not just for living, but for favorite work, which brings not only fun, but opportunities as well.
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Femininity does not disappear anywhere

She is a successful and beautiful business lady. She is Maria Ivancho. Photographer Sergio Mazurini says: "This was one of my most interesting and important photoshoot during long time. I have been thinking a lot about how to show this wonderful woman. In this shooting I reveal the state of a woman deep in herself, as a beautiful creature who has a super power..."
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Everything You Need For Destination Engagement Photoshoot in Vienna

Today destination engagement photoshoots are more popular than ever. There are a lot of amazing places and sights in Vienna and nearby that will be great backgound in your love story. Awesome result of photoshooting is usually preceded by a diligent preparation. The presence of a professional photographer is only one component of success. And there are more. But first things first.
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Everlasting After Wedding Photoshoot of Elder Couple

Today it's hard to surprise anybody with a gorgeous wedding. But to meet and  photoshoot an old couple who is together for 50 years in marriage - it's not happening every day. And it’s not the same, when you see couple in age who is together for few years. It’s perfect sample of true beloved who shared together their whole life. Can you imagine this?
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