She is a successful and beautiful business lady. She is Maria Ivancho. Photographer Sergio Mazurini says: "This was one of my most interesting and important photoshoot during long time. I have been thinking a lot about how to show this wonderful woman. In this shooting I reveal the state of a woman deep in herself, as a beautiful creature who has a super power..."

Let's talk a little about one of our special studio photo sessions at Zoomstudio and why it is important!

There are millions of women in the world who are experiencing various cancer problems. Some of them are struggling and keep fighting, someone is giving up, someone is very motivated by desire to live, and someone is in despair floats along the flow....

"She looked into the camera with a penetrating gaze of bright personality. Great and strong! And it does not matter that the hair no longer touches her shoulders ... She is a character, in her eyes the story I wanted to convey", says Sergio.

Between healthy people and those who struggling, there is an invisible wall of fear and stereotypes.

Sergio says: "I wanted to destroy this wall and show a beautiful emotional woman who looks through the camera with the awareness of her readiness to fight with difficulties!"

Requisite of shooting, storyline

 There is a touching novel by O. Henry "The Last Leaf". This is one of the best stories in world literature. This is a story about the struggle for life, understanding and love of close people. The storyline of this work is extremely dynamic with an exemplary composition. O. Henry created a remarkable work, which has not left the indifferent reader for over a century and amazes with its uniqueness.

Sergio Mazurini, not suspecting the proximity of his idea to the work of the classic, decided to go deeper into this theme in his own way. He came to a photo studio with a spiny branch of roses, a green leaf and the work of creating something special had begun! "The idea was to show the state of the soul of a woman who has suffered a struggle between life and death. From the dry branch of the rose the living leaf grows ... A leaf that symbolizes the beginning of a new life... "

With this photoshoot photographer managed to make not just a photos, but a message to inspire everyone who is currently undergoing treatment not to give up:

"Do not be ashamed of your illness. You are a beautiful woman. You can be sexy! Femininity is not measured by the size of the breasts or the length of the hair. You are not a victim of illness; you are a true hero and deserve to be admired. And it does not matter how old are you, 25 or 50" – said Mazurini.

  Sergio's family also went through this. This photoshoot caused him a great deal of thought and experience. After shooting, he immediately started the process of combination seria, editing and retouching photos. An interesting fact was that Sergio was helped by his 8-year-old son, Dmitry, who also caught the sun's rays for a photo on another camera. Sergio had chosen the first photo made by his son. It was the first shot and in the opinion of Sergio - very accurate!

  There are clothes in which you feel more confident and even "stronger" than people actually are.

  "Having put on my leather jacket, I feel a completely different mood. The mood of determination, style, energy and movement to go just ahead! "

  The photo below confirms the idea that sometimes things do not dictate the fashion, but talk about the mood of the person who wears it.

At the end of the shooting Maria confessed in her hate of the accessory that she had acquired against her will - a wig.

After seeing the result of the photo shoot Maria ceased to dress a wig and looks extremely stylish and self-confident!

It was one of the personal victories over her fears!

It would be great if about the psychology of such photos would know more people. Because these photos are not only about women who are ill, but also about those who are nearby. It’s about the perception of this problem.