Couple Photoshoot in Vienne, Austria - Sergio Mazurini

Couple Photoshoot

Couple Photoshoot in Vienna or in any other location is a walk to remember with your love which can be captured beautifully in awesome place. It’s all about tenderness, true fillings and story between two people in love. Many couples who travelling want to save these memories in a gorgeous way to have unbelievable photos. So the couple photoshoot is perfect decision. It’s is also important not to forget about preparation: choose concept, place, and outfits; take with you professional photographer and your great mood.


Couple Photoshoot Pricing

  • One city
  • 2 hours photoshoot
  • 100 edited photos
  • Online gallery
  • One city
  • 3-4 hours photoshoot
  • 150 edited photos
  • Online gallery
  • Two cities
  • 4-5 hours photoshoot
  • 350 edited photos
  • Photobook 25x25x25
  • Online gallery

Infromation about Couple Photoshoot

Couple photography in Vienna, Austria becomes more and more popular. It’s hard to imagine wedding preparation without engagement photoshoot or also is well known as pre / post wedding. This time will never happen again. And couples crazy in love and preparing to the wedding often choose destination photoshoot or elopement shooting when they can save their true feelings and their love story on photos in a place dear to heart or they were dreaming to visit. Pre weeding photoshoot is a perfect decision for artistic couple photos which will become one day a treasure.

Photoshoot in Vienna has a lot of benefits with it’s Austrian imperial atmosphere, historical places, timeless buildings, gorgeous backgrounds which need to be seen at least once in life. And ordinary trip could become an awesome adventure with your loved one. This is the right place with inspiring atmosphere for two in love. Such walk to remember could be full of fun and enjoyment.

You can choose favorite locations and several outfits, have a professional makeup and hairdo and feel like movie stars enjoying your time together without phones and selfie sticks, but with professional photographer who keep your moments perfectly. Couple photoshoot is such a beautiful trend to save your emotions in a creative way. There are so many interesting places and inspiring ideas that could be realized in your storytelling shoot when your love is a language of tale. Sergio Mazurini is working for many years as wedding and engagement photographer and he is one of the Top in Austria according to numerous rankings and awards. You can be sure, that result of your cooperation will be sincere and on the highest level. Invest in your emotions and you will be amazed and thankful for that time for years. You will never forget this adventure.

Couple Photoshoot in Vienne, Austria - Sergio Mazurini

How to prepare for pre or post wedding photoshoot? Best advices

Pre or post wedding photoshoot preparation is necessary to create photos which are worthy of being on the wall. There are few main advices what need to be considered before photoshoot. There are so many varies and styles for awesome couple shoot. And you need to know exactly what you want. Choose the style, genre, idea. It can be a stylized photoshooting, a walk to remember in an unknown city, a crazy trip to the mountains or to the seaside. But our advice number one is to choose the one that is closer to the story of your couple. What your story will look like - classic, exotic, extreme or romantic, will depend on your preferences. Take a look at the portfolio and select the shots that you like. The photoshooting locations and its number will depend on the number of hours of shooting or even the number of days.

Choose 2-3 outfits for you both, which are suitable to each other and to the place and time. Be sure to take advantage of the services of a make-up and hairdo artists. This will greatly help you get the most perfect picture.

Unlike a wedding day, pre wedding and post wedding photography is easier to plan taking into account the weather and season. Consider the planning of shooting time with day light and weather forecast, and discuss it with the photographer.

Positive emotions and sincerity are seen in the photo. Try to look naturally. Couple photography can be good rehearsal of wedding photo shooting, where the photographer can see you through the lens, understand the most successful of your angles, and you can get to used to the photographer to feel comfortable. After all, for some couples to pose before an unfamiliar person is not such a simple task sometimes. So feel calm and enjoy.

How to choose a place for couple photo shoot

To select perfect location for engagement photoshoot is not that easy as it seems. Often couple choose between places where they already have been because of special memories; or a place they always were dreaming to visit. And pre wedding or post wedding photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to realize this dream and save it in a gorgeous way. Happily, there is destination photography, so you can arrange any trip and take with you your photographer anywhere worldwide. The main point when you are choosing a location, you need to focus on your story. Nature, landscapes, heritage buildings, forts, palaces, hotels, resorts, streets of favorite or unknown city etc... Very popular trend now for couples is to travel in another country and focus on 3 locations that include some of historical place, a non-standard unique place and something very- very romantic. That is why couple photography in Vienna is so popular, because this city has everything in the list: majestic architecture, incredible backgrounds, museums, palaces, parks, streets, and, moreover, it is locally convenient to travel in somewhere else unique cities such as Hallstatt, Salzburg, German Munich and many other interesting places. So no matter what you choose - the luxury of the architecture of the old city, the wild nature of the forest or the mountains, the seaside, fine-art location or the observatory, this place will become part of the your family’s history, so choose the one that is most close to your both hearts.