Wedding photoshoot in Vienna, Austria — Sergio Mazurini

Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding photoshoot – is a documenting of your very special day which happens only once in life. There is no second chance to go back in time and to repeat special wedding moment again. That’s why photographer has so responsible aim to capture all important sights, smiles, tears and happiness perfectly. Storytelling wedding photography depends on photographer’s mastery. It’s not just beautiful portraits, its mix of candid, documentary, fashion and fine art photography to save your Big Day sincere and truly amazing


Wedding Photoshoot Pricing

  • 10 photo-shooting hours
  • ~500 edited photos
  • All photos retouched
  • 12 photo-shooting hours
  • ~600 edited photos
  • All photos retouched
  • 12 photo-shooting hours
  • ~800 edited photos
  • All photos retouched
  • Two photographers in a team

Wedding photography in Vienna, Austria

Wedding photoshoot (photography) of your very special day in Vienna is a gorgeous way to capture wedding in details so you can experience your emotions again and again while looking on your photos. Wedding photography is not just documenting emotions, it should show the full story in the heart of which the couple is. It’s hard to imagine wedding without professional photographer, because photo preserve moments perfectly.

How the wedding day will look like on photos depends on many factors: who are the bride and groom, what is their story, how they treat to each other, which wedding styles is chosen, and how large the wedding will be, on what level will be the wedding organization, whether there will be a planned walk for two during wedding day, if there will be an hour to photoshoot couple outside the venue and where exactly it will happen, whether one or two photographers will work in a team, and so on and so fours. If the wedding is international and there will be some very specific national traditions, photographer should be ready for it and have a clear vision what will be happening and how to photoshoot it in the best possible way. And the most importantly, the result of wedding photos should be true and sincere.

During 8 years we have been working on numerous weddings in Vienna and all over the Austria and Europe. Experience, understanding of the desires and the history of the couple, as well as the knowledge of gorgeous locations, allows us to prepare for a wedding photoshoot in such a way to meet the bravest expectations of the newlyweds. To save a wedding day from the beginning to the end is extremely responsible, because there will not be repeats, everything happens only once at the present time. So, the photographers’ team should be really professional to keep all important moments perfectly.

Wedding photoshoot in Vienna, Austria — Sergio Mazurini

How to choose wedding photographer in Vienna, Austria

It’s good to start searching for photographers works online in your location and ask friends for referrals. I think, it's clear about the importance of professionalism of a photographer, because wedding photos becomes memories for ages. How do understand if a photographer is truly professional? The easiest way is to look through his work on the website, attend the most popular wedding resources, view rate and awards at the contests and etc... If his/her work touching you and your loved ones, then this is the first reason to get to know and chat with him/her personally or through Skype.

In addition to professional skills, the photographer must have communicative skills, as during the wedding he will have to talk with you, your family and guests, guide them for some posing photos. And one more important thing: you with your bride or groom must really like him as a person. And in that case you will feel comfortable during photo shooting and will look natural. Knowledge of the most popular locations in the city in which the wedding will take place, especially if it is destination wedding, is not just good advantage for photographer, you can also save on transportations costs.

How to choose place for wedding in Vienna, Austria

Wedding photography in Vienna, Austria is usually about love and style, luxury and expression, clasics and traditions. Being part of an incredible wedding in Vienna is always very interesting. There are a lot gorgeous venues, luxury places and churches for wedding like Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn) , Hirschstetten Botanical Gardens (Blumengärten Hirschstetten), Belvedere Palace, Stephansdom and many others. All these authentic Vienna’s locations emphasize and highlight the wonderful love story of each couple. And gloss of ancient buildings at every step adds even more magic to it.

There are also many palaces and hotels which could be a great background for official ceremony or party. Of course, it’s depends on many many factors like what wedding of dreams do you imagine, how many guests will be, what is wedding budget, what season and weather will be and etc . It’s hard to imagine more comfortable place for luxury wedding than Vienna. Wide range of contemporary and traditional venues, from castles to restaurants and hotels gives you chance to check the list and to choose the one which the most suitable for your wedding. And remember that wedding place will become a part of your personal family history so choose with your heart. Big or small wedding with huge or limited budget could be equally perfect and look like a movie in real life with a happy end if you will have good preparation and create imperial atmosphere of love. Entrust us to save memories about your special day in a way that amaze and will be a treasure through years.