The state of search drives the world and people. Create!  Master Class by Sergio Mazurini

Each interview is a little confession, the result of which allows people to look at the hero in a different way.  Sergio Mazurini told about his way to find himself in deep reflection and introspection with extraordinary energy possessed by creative individuals.

This is a photographer whom nobody has ever called and will ever call a "template". This is a person who has something to share with a bright part of people. His workshops - is finding a way to upgrade yourself and motivate those who seeking to become professionals not just for living, but for favorite work, which brings not only fun, but opportunities as well.

- Tell me, please, about your first master class. How was appeared the idea and what was the purpose?

Long time ago I have dreaming of owning unique knowledge of photography. I tried to get acquainted with new interesting people, like-minded people, with whom I could exchange my thoughts. During a very long time, I had the idea to share my knowledge of photography with beginners.

My master classes are created for photographers who want and can develop in a creative direction, with the awareness that in the middle of each photographer, as a person, lives something more than a “button pusher”.

My target audience is those creative people who, if they like, can create fantastic creatures of art.


It is important to learn how to develop it. And this is not very easy. My first MC was organized by Ivan Dubas. After an occasional meeting at one of the workshops of interesting for me author he came up to me and said: "Dude, you're interesting! You have to show your art to people! ".  So, in dialogue with him the idea of master class has arisen, and Vanya became the organisator of it.

It was my first master class in Lviv, Ukraine and I was quite nervous what I would tell people, what information should be shared, which would be interesting to the listeners.

Photo shooting with lecturer is something that will continue to affect other photographers after MC. It is important to show yourself with the strongest side, the most creative and the most interesting angle. It's need to fulfill those expectations and emotions that the participants came for.

- What are the stages of preparation for Master Class?

There are many steps important here: the search for the organisator, the realization of the goal that the author wants to convey to his audience.

I am very dedicated in combining the informative part and the photo shooting. I want this all to look harmoniously. I believe that after the MC, the listener must form a holistic portrait of the author. And it is very important that it developed at all!

All the photo shootings that I'm doing at my MC are the photos I want to have personally for myself, in the first place. They are interesting to me as an author. Therefore, I treat them very seriously with the desire to show everyone who came, my own opinion on the photo and tell how and why I create that way! Show the realization of my idea!

- With what difficulties did you encounter on the way to the implementation of the first master class?

There were a lot of them. The first of these was that few people knew about me. Then I realized that I needed to work hard to promote myself and my creativity.

The second obstacle was that all the ideas that I wanted to organize within our country were financially high. But, even with given the financial limits at that time, the MC was interesting and successful.

I began to ask myself about the purpose of my MC, which I want to get from this master class as an author.

It is very important during the preparation to ask a lot of questions, in the first place, to yourself. And often, in such matters, you find a lot of answers that you are looking for a long time in reflection and alone with yourself.


- What does it mean for you to hold the lecture "awesome"?

I am very pleased when people come up after the master class and say thanks for the saved time that I helped save them. It's hard to believe it, but sometimes one or another piece of information that people can accumulate over the years, through their own attempts and mistakes, can be heard in a few hours, just being in the right place at the right time.

MC is the space for keeping the time for new knowledge that needs to be taken, understood, mastered and preserved.  MC is a fee for speeding awareness of one or another piece of information. I noticed that there are always common themes for discussion among people who are engaged in creativity.

It's cool to be a creative and commercial photographer at the same time! It often happens that when a person is given more commerce, he has problems with creativity, and vice versa, when he gives his full creativity, loses his earnings. My MC is the balance of this thing! Commerce and art can be combined!


The purpose of the awesome MC – is to discover the uniqueness of the author, to convey to the viewer and listener valuable information, which consists in the fact that the creator must be honest to himself. We all see the work of other photographers. I notice two types of people. These are the people who implement and create something new by themselves and there are those who just copy them. Repeat search may be endless.

- What is the most important thing for you during the lectures you are conducting?

The most important thing is to get in touch with the public, to understand that you speak in the same language with the audience, to feel that you think in one unseen line with everyone. I learned to understand and evaluate this contact after 10 minutes of intercommunication with the public. It is much felt and it is important. And in this is an enjoyment that I catch.


- Each speaker wants to be heard and understood by the general public. Regarding the "genius" of the photographer, many creative works of famous artists are sometimes not understood by people. How would you explain the phrase: "It's not understandable - compliment to a photographer or remark"?

There is such a statement, which for me is not very simple: "Creativity is not for everyone". If it were for all, then it would not be creativity. When a person receives visual satisfaction from viewing photos, but does not fully understand the content of the author, it depends mostly on the creative development of the person. There is "like" or "not like". That's all.

Different authors give information in different languages. Someone speaks graphic, but someone speaks a language of philosophy. And that is why people sometimes do not understand what the author wants to say. This is not a problem of the author and not the problem of the people themselves. It all depends on the long creative influence to the formation of personality.

I know there are people who sometimes do not understand my photos, but I also know that there are many people who are trying to understand it. It is necessary to work above it.

- Do you think that you sell emotions to listeners or useful information on your master class?

Through my speeches I sell motivation. I motivate the authors to create something that would have a response in the hearts of people. I encountered wedding photographers who think in the context of photography very stylishly. This is a disease of modern photographers. Many learned to photograph the wedding "by techniques", becoming a clone.

My information, which I submit to the MC, is deeply analyzed and authoritative. My development, as a photographer, is placed in the MC program. With my example, I want to show you how to develop for photographers and what to look for.

- You share on your MC extremely valuable information, which "collected" for years, long reflections and work on yourself. Do you open all the secrets to your listeners?

I will never be greedy on the information and sincerely share my experience. I believe that a person should go to the MC with ready-made questions for the author which wants to ask and get a full answer to them. It helps both listeners and the author.

- In your opinion, what is the motivation and what motivates you personally in your work?

One of my good friends said, "The result of your work should be a success and a response from the viewers who are watching you."

If you see that the society reavage it positively, creativity is perceived, then it's insanely motivating. And the moment you feel successful motivates to work further.

It's cool to get motivation when you fall into projects, where you meet people who are more interesting than me, have other clients, have a different world outlook. This is another reality that prompts me to become better and develop.

I am very motivated and inspired by traveling with another culture, language, everyday life and worldview.

- What do you hear after your lectures from the listeners?

They say that I change their reality, that I pay attention to was not noticed earlier. I help to understand that you can work and enjoy work without turning it into a routine. And so far I have not heard from any person something like "I wasted my time".

I am glad that each of my listeners returns home with a piece of what makes get better.


- What MC would you like to visit? What kind of knowledge in the photography would you like to reach, with whom to meet?

It is impossible now, but I would like to take a lesson from Salvador Dali. I am very interested in creative people, not necessarily photographers. I sometimes even like poets - how do they express their emotions, how subtly and precisely they feel the moment. This is an opening for me.

Once I talked to the DJ, who opened to me his secrets how to work with the public and I was amazed. We are surrounded by a lot of interesting things and often we waste time without noticing them. I am a photographer who is interested in foreign photography. For example, on the Fearless Awards site, people are presenting extraordinary work.

I would like to go on workshops to some of the authors and see how exactly those or other frames are created, what they pay attention to, how to cut off another reality and make a perfect shot that will be interesting to a large auditoria. That's interesting to me!


I'm glad to live at one time with modern photographers. Only creativity will always be interesting to wide world.

Even those who do not understand it will spend time understanding it. And those who understand it will be enamored of what has been created. The state of search drives the world and people. Create! 

Photo by Sergio Mazurini from the personal archive.