Vienna as a top location for a photo shooting with photo-video production Sergio Mazurini team!

Couple or wedding photoshoot is a trend and a real dream of many couples. There are many reasons and countries for such a trip. This can be done in the form of a romantic gift - a photo trip, or a pre- or post -wedding phoroshoot walk. In any case, a photoshoot abroad is a great way to combine vacation and save a special event of your life on the photo.

One of the top location for the photoshooting in Europe is Austria.

"Majestic, beautiful, multifaceted - this is exactly what can be said about Vienna, a city that seems to live in the rhythm of an eternal waltz. This is a city of "luxury", and the photos there are always aristocratic and classic. Walking through the streets of Vienna, stopping, taking pictures - it is also to feel the spirit of millennial history and culture, which influenced the whole of Europe, "- recalls Sergio Mazurini.

Vienna boasts a huge number of palaces and castles, churches and cathedrals, museums, art galleries, parks, picturesque landscapes, etc. The number of interesting places, historical, architectural and natural monuments in Vienna are impressive.

Sergio talks about one of his photo shoots with special enthusiasm:

“Imagine filming a bride's morning that doesn't start at 4:00 a.m. at a hairdresser's and a dose of coffee to survive that day, but at a 5-star hotel, the waiter brings you a sumptuous Viennese breakfast, champagne, and you start your morning with a smile and enjoy every minute. Wedding day is not a memory of "endless fuss", as is customary in our country. It should bring joy. It is on this day of filming that you can finally relax, walk around the city, wear a wedding dress and not be afraid to contaminate it, but run, laughs, do not think about timing and just enjoy the feeling of "here and now", - says Sergio.

Once a photographer had the opportunity to photograph a couple in the morning in a luxury suite in a 5-star hotel "Imperial Vienna", the permission of which is not available to every photographer, because to shoot at this hotel you need to apply in advance.

"This is exactly the moment when the bride can really feel like a queen in her castle! And even for 1 day or 1 night. Believe me, these emotions are worth it! ”Says the photographer.

The Hotel Imperial Vienna is located in a picturesque area right next to the Vienna Opera and Palace, a 10-minute walk from the center of Vienna. The building and refined interior of this hotel are decorated in a classic style, decorated with historical details and precious antiques.

For a romantic walk in the classic style in this series, Sergei chose Schönbrunn Palace with rich green landscapes! This palace is considered the main summer residence of the Austrian emperors of the Habsburg dynasty, and is one of the largest buildings of the Austrian Baroque!

"The location of Schönbrunn Palace is very good for photography, as it combines in one area a variety of garden and park art, represented by gardens, squares, fountains, various flower plantations, charming sculptures, luxurious stairs, etc. However, I recommend starting shooting there in the afternoon, when the sun is not so bright, "says the photographer.

 Regarding shooting tips in the heart of Austria - Vienna, Sergio Mazurini shares:

"It is very important to plan a photo tour in such a way that you have time to visit at least some of the most important objects. It is also worth remembering that the sights of Vienna attract thousands of tourists and you need to take into account the shooting time, angles and location. "

In addition to Schönbrunn Palace, interesting locations for a Love-story or after a wedding photo shoot in Vienna, the photographer named a list of     . Namely:

  • Belvedere Castle,
  • Liechtenstein Palace,
  • Hofburg Palace Complex;
  • Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna (Botanischer Garten),
  • Burgtheater,
  • Upper market (Hoher Markt),
  • City Park (Stadtpark),
  • Danube Tower (Donauturm),
  • Hundertwasser Haus,
  • Imperial Tomb (Kaisergruft), Vienna Opera (Wiener Staatsoper),
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom)


If you add to these list museums, concert halls, galleries, hundreds of restaurants and cafes, you can return from Vienna without nice photos.

Choosing new locations for photo shoots is always a new fresh breath in creativity!