Anton + Alexandra. Vienna. Austria

This is so real and honest wedding of incredible couple. Fantastic wedding of Alexandra and Anton in Vienna was in the style of Viennese luxury, Jewish traditions, incredible sensuality of this stylish couple and their cool guests. Each wedding story is very special, that's why need to be told in different way but equally professionally. I admire the international wedding - it's not just beautiful, it is a subtle combination of cultures and traditions that always inspires, and I discover something new to myself every time. It was so great to save this day for such an amazing newlyweds. It was especially pleasant to work with them, because they are very awesome couple from my hometown Uzhgorod. They live in Vienna and have decided to marry here. Everything was at the height in all the meanings of the word - not only locally, because the wedding location - just a dream, but also their emotions, their relationship to each other, their guests and the organization of the wedding in general were perfection